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Leah Burks, an accomplished Pianist and Cellist with the Missouri Philharmonic Orchestra, is proud to offer Piano and Cello lessons now. With her piano studio located conveniently inside National Avenue Christian Church, Leah makes learning a new instrument — or continuing your musical education — accessible to all age levels from preschool to adult.

Music theory is an important part of learning piano, and from day one Leah teaches music theory in a way that is accessible and welcoming. Leah teaches piano, keyboard, and cello. She also offers private online lessons via Skype. 

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Private Piano Lessons Springfield MO

Leah offers piano lessons in Springfield, MO. Having played piano for 14 years, Leah is an expert accompanist who enjoys working with her students to find new ways for them to learn. Understanding that each of us has a bit of neurodivergence inside of us, Leah is just as passionate about finding which pathway of learning is most helpful for a student as she is about teaching course material. 

Her customized lesson plans are what set Leah apart as a piano instructor. Students who have found music boring will appreciate her fresh approach to music education. Student age 4 to adult can learn to play piano.

Learn Cello From A Stage Musician

Like most young girls, Leah was instantly attracted to the Cello. Long considered one of the most romantic stringed instruments, Leah began playing the cello at age 7, earning a spot on the Missouri Philharmonic Orchestra at age 18. She also spent a year as the first chair Cellist at Evangel University. She loves passing forward her passion and love of Cello to other, wide-eyed Students. 

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Why Learn An Instrument?


Improve Memory

Playing music stimulates the brain, makes new neural connections, and increases memory retention. Teaching music to children can enhance their ability to learn in school.


Increases Patience

In a world of digital distractions, practicing piano is a healthy break from the rat race of life. It helps us slow down and learn new techniques for focusing.


Enhances Dexterity

Mastering a musical instrument requires hand-eye coordination, and complex neuromuscular development. Through practice, specific motor patterns are mastered, providing deeper neural connectivity.

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